The Birth of “The April Keys Show”

With social media being at the forefront and only a tap away from every mobile device, it only made sense for me to start my podcast show covering topics that involve my world, consisting of philanthropy work with women's organizations, children's literacy, and the world of weddings.

I have a vast network of people and organizations with whom I have built a relationship, personally and professionally. I enjoy networking and brainstorming with them to come together and make a difference. This allows us to grow our businesses and makes us more productive in our day-to-day lives so we can also enrich the lives of others. So, I introduce to you The April Keys Show.

Through my show, my colleagues and guests will come from a wide variety of industries and personal walks of life; you will be informed and educated through the process of all topics of conversation.

Highlighting our youth, we, as educators, mentors, and parents, will seek to bring all of us together so we can all learn how to build a more prosperous future for our children through literacy and conversation and by allowing them to embrace their individuality to speak freely. I'm excited to introduce the Dane Daily Humblebee Podcast to our youth.

As I speak, I write my script, pave my path, direct my life, and produce it. To you, I ask, “ Which Way Does Your Key Turn? “

The April Keys Show
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Growing Your Purpose

Dane, What About Me? I am honored to join forces with Women With Purpose
Inc. A unique 5013C organization based in Happy Valley, Arizona, serving the
greater Phoenix, Arizona area and dedicating time and effort to helping
single women and women with children from every background with food,
knowledge, and resources that will equip and prepare them for a more
prosperous and new beginning. Tasha J. Reeves, Founder/ CEO of Women
With Purpose Inc., is a testament to how her past misfortunes have brought
her to a full circle that will allow others to benefit. To learn more about her
journey and organization, click the Women With Purpose Inc. email link below
and see how you can further support and advance her vision to help those in

Email: [email protected]

We as women need to feel free without judgment to share our stories and
know it’s OK to exhale, being able to move forward with a support system so
we can become better women, mothers, sisters, and grandmothers to serve
our families and communities. Suppose you have a story that may enrich and
encourage others and would like to sit at the Talk With April Podcast table
and join Women With Purpose Inc., keying in on what’s real and seeing how
your journey can help others. Click the LIVE TALK link above. The April Keys
Show looks forward to hearing from you, and as I always say,
“Which Way Does Your Key Turn?” Until then, Enjoy and Take Care.

The April Keys Show

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