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It all started with a Dane and a vision. And ended with a
Dane Nation™

The Author

April Green is a children’s book author, professional wedding planner, businesswoman, and designer. For as long as she can remember, April found solace and inspiration through reading which ultimately sparked her interest in creative writing. April found comfort and inspiration through reading which eventually sparked her interest in creative writing

Her education in interior designing has allowed her for many years to design some of the most Beautiful homes throughout California. But with her love for weddings, she took a new avenue 20 years ago to become a professional wedding planner and designer in that industry.

As a mother of four and a grandmother of six, Green carries on the tradition of reading, writing, and storytelling, encouraging her family and all children to let their imaginations run wild through design, allowing their creative artistic abilities to come to life.

April‘s love for her Great Danes and finding it so hard to accommodate their large sizes is the inspiration behind creating a brand and business. Dedicated to her two Great Danes, Nala, and Zimba, “ Dane, What About Me? “ Was born. Which ultimately turned into a children’s book series titled “The Adventures Of Princess Dane Nala.” A licensing brand, patent, and merchandise. As she moves forward in her two journeys, she will grow her business through social media and podcasting and engaging hands-on to give informative information and resources and professional knowledge as a children's author, wedding planner, and designer.

April was born and raised in California.  Moving forward in her journeys, she lives and pursues a career in Arizona.

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