It all started with a Dane and a vision. And ended with a

Dane Nation™

Founder and CEO, April Green, is an El Dorado Hills Chamber member, businesswoman and active participant in her community. As a Great Dane owner, April noticed that although the pet industry continues to grow, resources available to Great Danes and extra large canines are stagnant. From grooming services and pet supplies to hotel stays and doggie daycare, April realized that her beloved Dane, Nala, was not accommodated in the same way as other breeds. Nala opened April’s eyes to the need for products and services catering to Great Danes and extra large canines alike, and in 2015 Dane What About Me!™ was born. 


We believe that Great Danes should not be left out of the pet industry narrative. Our mission is to raise awareness about Great Danes and provide education, support and high quality products to the Great Dane community.


Have you ever asked the question, ”What about me?” Well Great Danes and their owners seem to ponder this everyday as they navigate through the world with their extra large stature and rambunctious energy. Our company name stems from that feeling of otherness and the vision to create a space to advocate for these gentle giants.

Are you ready to join the Dane Nation?