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Why Not Me?
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Dane What About Me!™ is joining the conversation surrounding positive self-expression and diversity. The Dane Ready campaign sets out to engage in uplifting dialogue with our youth and provide a safe space to speak about issues that make them ask the silent question, “Dane, What About Me?”

More than anything, the phrase, “Dane, What About Me?” is a call to action. A call for young minds to find their special talents and treasure them, no matter what anyone says. We can speak positivity and self-love into existence and Dane Ready is just a piece of that narrative.

Through this journey, we hope to create a space where children can embrace the magical and educational adventures that shape their daily lives and be proud of their individuality. So when children ask, “Why not me?” or “Can it be me?” they will be confident in knowing that, “YES! It will be me!

April would love to come meet your students and talk to them about embracing their individuality and becoming Dane Ready. For more information, contact us at (623) 249-6448 or

Are You Dane Ready?™ We want to hear from you! Tell us your “Dane, What About Me?” story and see how others are standing in their purpose. If you’d like Founder, April to read your “Dane, What About Me?” moment personally, email us at!


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