June 20, 2018

Shopping Cart Dogs

As you go about your day and your out and about how many time have you seen our homeless population pushing their shopping carts with their dogs. Which one do you look at first? Which one do you feel sorry for? Or do you find yourself a little upset thinking, here’s this homeless person who life is in a shopping cart and how dare they bring a dog into the picture. Maybe that person rescued the homeless dog. Maybe the dog rescued them. I see one thing where not doing enough of when where in that situation is showing compassion, understanding or offering a simple jester of kindness. There’s so many homeless dogs on the streets and I take my hat off to our homeless community through all their ups and downs they do more RESCUING! than those who have the means. When you see the SHOPPING CART DOGS, can we all try to put some food and water in the cart. Homelessness has 4 legs as well. Dane What About Me! #danewhataboutme #homelessdogs #hopeforpaws #princessdanenala #daneready.

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