Hacienda Park

Hacienda Park in Cameron Park is such a beautiful and peaceful park. Although there is modest designated parking, visitors can easily find off-street parking. When you enter the park, a lush bed of green grass welcomes you along with an enjoyable trail to take a stroll on if you decide not to enter the dog area. Hacienda Park accommodates small and big dogs with separate park areas and is lined with beautiful trees that surround the park and provide the perfect amount of shade. The dog areas feature a dry and sandy surface for dogs to run on and drinking spouts when they get thirsty. There is also a natural water stream that flows on the outside of the park alongside the trail and plenty of seating for a tranquil day out. Dog owners who frequent the park are nice, making for an enjoyable day out. It is also important to note that Hacienda Park is the only off-leash dog park in Cameron Park. Nala gives Hacienda Park a 5-paw rating.

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