Dane What About Me!™ Heavyweight Convertible Dog Dish

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Dane What About Me!™ heavyweight convertible dog dish. This natural stone finish (made with vinyl) and stainless steel combination provides a sleek and luxurious look perfect for mealtime. Crafted with timeless bone and paw cut-outs and an adjustable base, this convertible dog dish is designed to grow as your dog does. Elevated dog feeders are recommended by veterinarians to prevent neck, shoulder, and back pain and to reduce the difficulty of swallowing while eating. The stainless steel bowls are removable and dishwasher safe, and the adjustable base makes storage a breeze. Made in the USA.


  • Available in multiple colors and designs to compliment home decor
  • High quality stainless steel bowls are included
  • Adjustable base that raises 12+ inches

This product is patented by the USPTO and EIUPO


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