April Green

Shopping Cart Dogs

As you go about your day and your out and about how many time have you seen our homeless population pushing their shopping carts with […]

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Father’s Day

Dane What About Me! Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing father celebrate this day with their children and family. As well, to the father’s […]

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Where Is The JUSTICE!!!

Dane What About Me! New Hampshire woman convicted of animal cruelty. 12 month sentence was suspended. Where’s the justice! 84 Great Danes living in filth […]

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Founder Friday

Its Founder Friday! Founder/CEO of Dane What About Me! This allows me the opportunity to open up dialogue so you can get to know me […]

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Thankful Thursday

I’m THANKFUL, for all the lives that was saved at one of the most terrifying event that took place here in our great nation. I’m […]

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