April Green is a children’s book author, businesswoman, philanthropist and designer. For as long as she can remember, April found solace and inspiration through reading, which ultimately sparked her interest in creative writing. 

As a mother of four, Green carried on the tradition of reading, writing and storytelling in her household and encouraged her children to let their imaginations run wild. After multiple successful business ventures, her entrepreneurial spirit has led her back to writing and character design. 

April has worked tirelessly to bring her animated characters to life in her self-published children’s book series entitled, The Adventures of Princess Dane Nala™ dedicated to her beloved Great Dane. Her dream pet from childhood had always been a Great Dane and the newest addition to her family, her own Great Dane, Nala, serves as the inspiration behind her latest endeavor. As she moves forward in her journey as an author, she hopes to encourage children to read, pursue their dreams and be kind to animals. April was raised in California, where she currently resides with her family.



The Adventures of Princess Dane Nala™ is a series of 10 children’s books. Nala’s birth name is Princess Dane Nala and her K-9 parents are royal Champion Great Danes. One day, Nala realizes that she possesses secret powers and can understand and speak to not only K-9s, but also others who live in Mother Nature. The Adventures of Princess Dane Nala will take you on a fun-filled journey with Nala and her secret friends. Nala and all of her friends will bring joy and wonder to children, parents and teachers alike.

This labor of love serves to give hope and strength to children who are left out or seen as ‘different’ by societal norms. The main character, Princess Dane Nala, is a Great Dane who is misunderstood. Her large stature makes her unique and Green wants children to understand that, just like Nala, it is okay to embrace the things that set you apart. Nala and her secret friends share an unbreakable bond because of their varied personalities and talents, and through symbolism, The Adventures of Princess Dane Nala™ shows children that they are significant because of their differences. This book series explores themes such as the importance of friendship, individual diversity, and patience, and is a testament that everyone is important and should be confident in the attributes that make him/her an individual.